Our Patients Say It Best...

Few words can describe Dr. Laurie & Back and Neck Clinic. If I had to choose, it would be understanding and compassionate. Dr. Laurie is easy to talk to, and she’ll ask lot of questions until she gets to the root of the problem. I feel very comfortable and welcomed by her staff.
— Joni Tikalsky
Upon the referral of a friend, I went to Dr. Laurie with horrible neck and right arm pain. I told her right away, “I am not a believer in chiropractic!” She took the time to figure out the issue and chiropractic care has helped more than I thought. I’ve avoided surgery to date!
— Dave Sirek, patient since 2012
My three sons were all under the age of 3 when I was experiencing debilitating low back pain. I had three injections and had seen multiple MDs and two other chiropractors. I thought I would have to have surgery, but then I went to the Back and Neck Clinic as a last resort. Dr. Tupy and his staff took the time to figure out my problem...I really didn’t think chiropractic would help. I was so much better after two and a half months of care! I have had no back problems since. Now, my 13 year old son receives care too!
— Judy Denardo
Dr. Laurie takes the time to listen. She won’t quit until she solves any problem... Her care has made me better.
— Pam Edel
Dr. Laurie treats her patients like family. She takes the time to understand the injury... It’s never just a quick adjustment and send ‘em out the door.
— Ben Hendrickson, student athlete
We adore Dr. Jerry! He detected our daughter’s skeletal issue right away when the medical professionals had overlooked the significant detail of her curvature. He was also extremely beneficial in helping detect my herniated disk, treating it, and helping me strengthen it. Never pushy with treatment; he is super friendly and personable. I so appreciate his ability to work alongside medical doctors and treat the patient as a whole person-never in isolation.
— Lisa Schwartzkopf, teacher and mom
The Back and Neck Clinic is not your average chiropractic office. You can tell they want to solve your problem, not just get you out the door. I like to think of them as the back whisperers.
— Andrew Polley